Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery

Almost every Shopify store owner today shares a common struggle: Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery. This article will explore the reasons behind Shopify cart abandonment, drawing insights from recent research by Baymard Institute, and offer actionable strategies to recover those lost sales and boost your revenue.

Why Do They Abandon Their Carts?

Baymard’s latest research in 2024 reveals a significant truth: 48% of cart abandonments occur because users are “just browsing.”

Imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. You’re scrolling through Instagram and stumble upon an interesting product. The visuals catch your eye, and you click to learn more. You discover a new store with appealing products, but there’s a problem: you don’t have a compelling reason to purchase right now.

Suddenly, messages from friends and notifications from Instagram pop up, and you’re back to scrolling. Sounds familiar, right?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with your store, products, or brand. The issue is that many visitors lack a reason to make an immediate decision. This is the primary driver behind cart abandonment behavior.

Now, let’s consider another group: those who want to buy but encounter obstacles during the checkout process.

I Want to Buy, But…

For users who intend to purchase but abandon their carts, the reasons often include:

  • High shipping costs
  • A long and complex checkout process
  • Mandatory account creation
  • Limited payment options
  • Security concerns

These are technical challenges you can address and overcome. As you can see below first step in the shopify abandoned cart recovery process understanding these causes.

3-Step Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery Framework

Let’s explore a three-step framework to recover abandoned carts in your Shopify store:

Step 1: Technical Checkup

Are you ready for the Starbucks test? Head to your nearest Starbucks and ask someone who fits your Ideal Customer Profile to use your store on their phone, in incognito mode. Observe where they get stuck. What are their thoughts on pop-ups? Do your exit-intent pop-ups function correctly? Can they easily understand shipping costs, return policies, and your brand message?

This simple test can reveal any technical issues hindering the user experience.

Step 2: Resolving Technical Issues

Address any identified issues, such as intrusive pop-ups, broken product pages, unclear cart icons, high shipping costs, or security concerns. Without resolving these technical hurdles, any further efforts to improve conversions will be limited in their effectiveness. First solve these UX issues in shopify abandoned cart recovery process.

Step 3: Give Your Customers a Real Reason

Window shoppers are a reality, and growing your business and reaching new audiences depends on converting them into paying customers. Successfully converting “just browsing” visitors can significantly improve your return on ad spend (ROAS), a critical step in scaling your Shopify store.

Since 2020, we’ve worked with over 300 Shopify stores to tackle this challenge. We’ve analyzed data, conducted customer interviews, built prototypes, and run

A/B tests, leading to a solution that recovers at least 10% of abandoned carts: Growth Suite.

Growth Suite leverages AI technology to analyze customer behavior and offer time-limited discounts based on their buying intent at the moment they’re most engaged. The timer is visible on all pages of your store, creating a sense of urgency.

Additionally, product pages, cart pages, and cart drawer elements clearly display the discounted price, making it easy for users to understand the value they’re getting. This is crucial because customers prefer a smooth shopping experience without having to calculate discounts themselves.

Growth Suite automatically generates a unique discount code for each user and applies it to their cart, eliminating the hassle of copying, pasting, or remembering codes, which often leads to frustration and cart abandonment.

Key Points About Growth Suite:

  1. AI-Powered Personalization: You set the parameters for maximum and minimum discount rates and time limits. Growth Suite’s AI then selects the optimal combination based on the customer’s buying intent.
  2. Automated Expiration: Once the timer expires, Growth Suite removes the timer, offer messages, and discount code from both the customer’s cart and Shopify. This ensures brand consistency and prevents unauthorized coupon code sharing.
  3. Effortless Implementation: Simply install the Growth Suite app from the Shopify App Store. No coding or theme changes are required. Connect your Google Analytics account, configure your creatives and colors, and you’re all set! Enjoy a 14-day free trial and witness the results firsthand.

By offering a genuine reason to purchase immediately, you incentivize window shoppers to convert.

Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery Summary

Shopify abandoned cart recovery is essential for business growth and increased revenue. Research shows that “just browsing” is a primary reason for cart abandonment. To combat this, offer compelling reasons for immediate purchase, such as time-limited discounts and a seamless checkout experience. Growth Suite offers a 14-day free trial to help you achieve significant improvements in your Shopify cart abandonment recovery rates.

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