Shopify Abandoned Cart vs Abandoned Checkout

Shopify Abandoned Cart vs Abandoned Checkout

Shopify abandoned checkout and Shopify abandoned cart are often confused with each other. In this article, we’ll cover the differences between these terms.

Shopify Abandoned Checkout

First, let’s start with abandoned checkout.

A visitor visited your store, added a product to their cart. After adding it to the cart, s/he starts the purchase process and opens the purchase page on the Shopify store. If s/he leaves your store without completing order, this is a Shopify Abandoned Checkout.

If this visitor enters their email address on the purchase page and agrees to receive emails from you, then Shopify Abandoned Checkout Automation works and emails start going to this person.

Shopify Abandoned Cart

A visitor visited your store, then added at least one product to their cart. He or she continued to browse your store, but left your store without completing the purchase. In this case, a Shopify Abandoned Cart has occurred.

  • In order to have a Shopify Abandoned Checkout, the visitor must start the purchasing process.
  • For Shopify Abandoned Checkout automation emails to go out, the visitor must enter their email on the purchase page and give you permission to receive marketing messages.
  • For a Shopify Abandoned Cart, the visitor must add at least one product to their cart and leave your store without starting the purchase process.
  • For Shopify abandoned cart automations to work, the visitor must have previously signed up and logged in to your store.

You can see the Abandoned Checkout report by logging into your Shopify panel, clicking the “Orders” menu in your admin panel, and clicking the “Abandoned Orders” report.

Shopify Abandoned Checkout Report

But there is no direct report on Shopify for Abandoned Carts. You can create a custom report yourself using Google Analytics for this. To learn how to create this report step by step, you can take a look at our guide article by clicking here.

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