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What is Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery

Let’s imagine this story. Build an awesome store, start your marketing campaigns and waiting the sales. Then you saw people are adding products to their cart but leaving their cart without buying anything. This is what we call cart abandonment. When you turn these abandoners to customer, it’s what we call abandoned cart recovery.

Common Solutions for Cart Recovery

First I want to mention most common strategies for Shopify cart recovery.

1. Cart Recovery Emails

You can send emails to people who leave their cart without completing their order. Best part is Shopify offer a native way for it. Even some third party apps like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, offer this solution most of the time we continue with Shopify’s own native solution.

Choose how much time you wait before sending cart recovery emails and send them an email to complete their order right away.

Most common practice is putting a discount in these emails for coming back and completing the order. We don’t recommend that, you’ll see the why later.

2. Re-marketing Campaigns

Create custom audiences based on events on Meta and Google. Most of the time we use events for creating these audiences.

Create segments for visitors that has performed “checkout begin” event but not “purchase”.

3. Text Campaigns

If you’re collecting number of your visitors, you can use these data for cart recovery, too. You can start text messages like emails to bring back your visitors to store and complete their orders.

What is Missing

First you need to understand what makes your visitors to leave the checkout process. This is why it’s important to understand your funnel data.

What is Shopify Cart Recovery

Sending emails, texts and re-marketing for checkout abandoners help you to focus on visitors who started checkout but not completed.

However there are a greater potential in people who adds at least one product to their cart but leave the store.

After working with 300+ Shopify stores, one of the most common reason behind this behavior is POSTPONING buying decision.

People like your products, want to buy it someday but just not today. When you think yourself, it’s quite natural, right?

If you’re not looking for something urgent to you, you can postpone it easily.

This is why we built Growth Suite. Growth Suite gives your visitors a reason to complete their order right away.

This is how Growth Suite helps you to get more conversions.

  1. Growth Suite analyze your visitors behavior in real-time.
  2. Thanks to AI driven engine it measures visitor’s buying intention in real time and find when your visitors most interested. Not when they’re leaving.
  3. It makes a real time-limited offer. Timer will appear on all pages. Like a native element on your store.
  4. Product pages, cart-drawer and cart-page updated with conversion messages.
  5. Growth Suite creates unique, one-time limited discount codes for each offer.
  6. When timer is done, discount is automatically deleted from Shopify and visitor’s cart.
  7. Same visitor can’t see any offer again for a while.

Give it a try now.

Looking for more detailed resource? Checkout our Growth Guide and Conversion Guide.


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