Shopify Abandoned Cart Report

Shopify Abandoned Cart Report

Shopify has a native report for abandoned checkouts but what about abandoned cart report? While there are no native report for the abandoned carts, you can create your own abandoned cart report using Google Analytics data just in three minutes. No need to advanced Google Analytics configuration. Every Shopify stores using built-in Google Analytics connection can create the abandoned cart report and you’ll learn to do it step by step here.

If you don’t integrate your Shopify store with Google Analytics, it’s super simple. Just check our step by step guide here.

What is Abandoned Cart?

Let’s say you have 100 visitors on your store and 60 of them visited at least one of the product page. Out of those 60 visitors let’s say 20 of them added at least one product to their carts. 14 out of 20 of those visitors leave your store without seeing the your checkout page.

Shopify Abandoned Checkout Report

When you check Shopify abandoned orders report, you can only see people who started checkout, entered their email address then leave the checkout pages.

As you see there are huge differences when you think this way.

When you check your Google Analytics events you’ll see events showing your visitors behavior on your store.

Google Analytics - Shopify Abandoned Cart Events

  1. Add to Cart Event: This event will fire when your visitors add a product to their cart.
  2. Begin Checkout: This event will fire when your visitors starts the checkout process and open the checkout page.

Our target sessions having add_to_cart event but not begin_checkout event. These sessions added product to their cart but leave your store without starting the checkout process.

You can create cart abandonment report for your Shopify store creating a segment using these events.

My recommendation is creating this report using Google Looker Studio. You can create different reports such as their source/medium, devices, daily changes, pages they visited, geolocations just start a few.

Then you can schedule cart abandonment report for you and your team and you can get daily report.

I record a quick video to show how to create your cart abandonment report on Shopify in just 10 minutes.

Cart abandonment is a serious problem. Don’t forget to check What is Shopify Cart Abandonment, Why People are Leaving Without Buying Anything and Shopify Abandoned Cart Automation article.

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