Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Not Send

One of the biggest problems for DTC brands: Shopify abandoned cart email not send. In this article, I will share with you the issues that may cause cart abandoned emails not send.

If you don’t have an abandoned cart email automation active in your store yet, click here to set up the necessary automation for abandoned cart first.

Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Checkout seem to be two similar concepts, but there is a big difference between them.

Abandoned Checkout is triggered when your customers start the checkout process and then leave your store without making a purchase.

Abandoned Cart is triggered when your customers add products to their cart but leave your store without starting the checkout process.

It’s really important to understand this difference. So, in order to send an automated email through Shopify, the visitor must have registered with your store and given you permission for marketing emails.

Now, let’s think about the people who visit your store. Most of the new visitors who come to your store with Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads are not yet registered.

That’s why abandoned cart automation is technically impossible to work for a large portion of your visitors.

Otherwise, from your Shopify dashboard, click the Automation tab in the Marketing section.

shopify abandoned cart automation step 1

Then select the Cart Abandonment automation and click the Edit button for the “Send Email” step in the last step.

Make sure to edit the email text and save it. If there’s a problem with your account or you haven’t confirmed the domain address to send the email to, then you might see the Shopify error message

When you receive such an error, you can contact Shopify support to get this technical issue resolved quickly.

Solution For Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Not Send

You have a better solution than sending reminder emails to an audience that hasn’t even registered in your store yet, but has added your products to their cart and shown interest in buying your products.

Make your visitors an offer they can’t refuse. A visitor adding a product to the cart is the most important indicator of purchase intent. Most of the time, these visitors just leave their purchase decision for later. If you give them a reason to make a decision right away, you can start increasing your sales.

I have explained the details for you in the video below.

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