Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount

Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount

In today’s article, we’ll answer an important question for Shopify stores: Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount

Add to cart and checkout begin are the most critical micro-conversions for Shopify stores. Contacting visitors who leave the store without making a purchase despite taking these actions and offering them special campaigns and discounts is one of the first actions to be taken to increase sales.

If Shopify abandoned cart automation is not yet active on your Shopify store, you can activate your automation by first reading our step-by-step guide on this topic here.

If you have an active automation and want to add a discount code to the emails you send, it is very easy to do this on Shopify.

Setup Shopify Abandoned Cart Discount

  1. From the Shopify admin panel, first click the Marketing and Automations tab.
  2. On the Automation page, you will see all your active automations. Find the automation named “Abandoned cart” and click on it.
  3. On the Automation detail page, click the Edit button.
  4. In the flow that opens, click on the “Send Marketing Email” box in the last step and click on the “Edit email” button in the settings section on the right.
  5. The email content will be loaded on a new page. On the loaded page, click on the “Add section” button at the bottom right and then select the “Discount” option.
  6. When you select this, you will see all the discount codes that are currently active in your store on the right side. Select the discount code you want to use among these discount codes and then click the “Done” button at the top to save the changes.
  7. That’s it. From this moment on, the abandoned cart emails will contain the discount codes.

If you want to watch this process step by step, you can watch our video below.

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