Shopify Abandoned Cart GDPR

Shopify Abandoned Cart GDPR

GDPR laws are making Shopify stores think about many marketing activities. One of the most critical of these is Shopify abandoned cart emails. Can you send an email for abandoned cart? Is this a GDPR issue? Let’s look at these step by step.

What Do GDPR Laws Say About Sending Emails?

GDPR laws require businesses to transparently inform the user about the collection, processing, and use of customer personal data.

Is it enough to just inform your users about this? Of course not. The second biggest issue of GDPR is CONSENT.

No marketing activity should be done using personal data without the permission of customers.

Now let’s consider the Abandoned Cart emails you will send through Shopify.

As we mentioned before, the abandoned cart email automation on Shopify is triggered when a “CUSTOMER” in your store adds a product to the cart and does not start the purchasing process.

The word “CUSTOMER” here is critical. Shopify does a great thing here and doesn’t send emails to people who haven’t signed up for your store before and haven’t given your store permission to send marketing emails.

So if you’re using abandoned cart emails using Shopify’s native automation feature, you don’t have to worry too much about GDPR.

You just need to talk to your lawyer about your agreements and the areas where you collect user information and the areas where you ask for consent from users.

Make sure that the different approaches you can use here to collect more users’ email addresses do not violate the GDPR principle of transparency and disclosure.

In addition, Shopify sends emails to people who have provided their information and consent to marketing communications, and does not send emails to users who have not provided consent.

Other Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Apps and GDPR

If you’re using a custom app instead of Shopify’s native cart abandoned automation, then you need to check the same things to be GDPR compliant;

  1. Do you clearly inform the customer about how their personal data is collected, processed, and used?
  2. You should send emails after your customer has given you permission. Make sure you don’t send emails without your customers’ permission.

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