Why People are Leaving Without Buying Anything

You know the feeling when people are leaving your store without buying anything. Meta and Google ads getting more and more expensive each day while getting conversion getting harder. After working with more than 300 stores I created this article to explain what stops people to buying from buying. Let’s begin.

Let’s start with what definition of conversion. As we discussed in Conversion Rate Optimization Guide, conversion is “someone saying I want to buy this product, right now.” This definition helps us to understand why people are leaving without understanding. There are three main category for leaving without buying.

1. They Don’t Want to Have It

This is the hardest part of the conversion optimization process.

Everyone can’t be your customers. You need to find an audience that just wants to buy your products.

This is also highly related with what you’re selling. Your product should be attractive to your visitors.

Understanding this problem quite simple. Just check if people’s adding products to their carts.

Adding product to cart means people are liking your products.

If your website audience leaves the store without adding product to their cart;

i. You need to check your campaigns settings or platforms. This highly means you’re not getting the correct traffic on your store.

ii. Your product doesn’t seem attractive to your audience. Poor creatives, images problems, slow store, UI and UX problems, you name it. For this step I highly recommend to check your landing pages on mobile devices using incognito mode.

2. They Want to Buy It BUT

If people are adding products to their card but not complete to their order, this can be related something about your store.

I want to start with one important research from McKinsey. Based on McKinsey research, 46% of people abandoning their cart because of due to shipping duration.

This is just one example.

There can be lot’s of other reasons like return/refund policy, size charts, payment options, security concerns, bad reviews about the brand… You name it.

Surveys and user-researches are great way to find root cause.

Run surveys with people who’re leaving checkout process with open ended questions.

3. Postponing Buying Decisions

Let’s say you run surveys but you couldn’t find anything. This can be because of this behavior highly related with the core of your customers behavior.

Imagine yourself. If you don’t need something urgently you can easily postpone buying decision, right?

This happens on your store, too.

Best way to fix this problem is giving them a reason to complete their order not later, right away.

This is where Growth Suite can help you.

Growth Suite analyze your visitors behavior in real-time with AI engine.

Find when they’re most interested in your products.

Make them a time-limited offer when they’re most interested.

It looks native on your Shopify store, one-time limited unique discounts created for each visitors.

Visitor won’t need to copy paste code, enter email, etc. Discounts automatically applied to cart.

Try it for free on Shopify app store!

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