Shopify Abandoned Cart Rate

Shopify CART abandonment rates

Shopify Abandoned Cart Rate is a serious problem for most of the store owners. One of the most credible resource for cart abandonment rate is Statista. Based on Statista’s report average cart abandonment rate was 70.19% in 2023. Now let’s take a look at other credible researches about cart abandonment and how it can be fixed.

Statistic: Online shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide between 2006 to 2023 | Statista
5 Credible Researches About Cart Abandonment

There are lot’s of different researches about shopify cart abandonment rate. I only picked five most credible and recent researches in here.

1. 79.53% Cart Abandonment Rate from SalesCycle, 2023

SalesCycle is a credible resource about ecommerce stats. Based on their research average cart abandonment rate is 79.53%.

Mobile cart abandonment rate is 83.22%, desktop cart abandonment rate is 71.88%

2. 68.8% Cart Abandonment Rate from Baymard Institute, 2023

Baymard Institute one of the best companies working on ecommerce UX. Their research at 2023 showed that average cart abandonment rate is 68.8%.

3. 63.1% Cart Abandonment Rate from Fresh Relevance, 2023

Based on Fresh Relevance real time report average cart abandonment rate in November 2023 for USA was 63.1%

4. 77.13% Cart Abandonment Rate from Barilliance, 2019

Barilliance report shows average cart abandonment rate was around 77.13% during 2019.

5. 78.3% Cart Abandonment Rate from Growth Suite, 2024

Growth Suite focus on cart abandonment and we are serious about data collection and improving cart abandonment performance. Based on our users behavior, our studies shows that average Shopify stores cart abandonment rate is 78.3%.

Sector, brands and time of the year when the research conducted are some important factors behind the differences.

However it’s clear that most of the time visitors abandoned their cart. Cart abandonment is important because it’s not something like hard or soft bounce rates.

These visitors visit your store, add at least one product their cart. Adding a product to cart is a serious micro conversion.

It’s important to check your store constantly and make sure your store are clean from hard bounce errors like checkout UX problems or surprising your visitors with hidden costs.

Most of the time Shopify stores don’t have these kind of problems thanks to Shopify structure and themes, real reason behind the cart abandonment is  “I’ll buy it later mindset“. Check our previous article to learn more about reasons behind the cart abandonment. Also don’t forget to check out other articles about cart abandonment.

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