How to Create Ideal Customer Profiles?

How to create ICP profiles?

Ideal customer profiles (ICP) commonly used in marketing, growth and conversion optimization process. It was mostly used by the B2B companies but today D2C and B2C e-commerce brands use it too to increase ROI of their marketing and conversion optimization efforts. In my previous article I explained the ICP term and benefits of it. You can reach that article here. In this post I’ll explain how you can create your own ICP profile.

Creating ICP is much easier when you customers. So I’ll start creating ICP profiles when you don’t have any customers.

Creating ICP When You Don’t Have Any Customers

It’s though, right? You don’t have customers so you can think anyone can be your customer. “Everyone can be my customers” is the idea will lead you to fatal results.

You have to find your niche. Who are need your product badly and would love without even thinking about it. It can be hard in the beginning. I mostly use AI in this point.

Google Bard doing a great job for this. For the prompt I first start with all details about business, advantages and disadvantages of products and benefits.

Then type “You’re a senior consultant with 20+ years of experience. You’re a master at creating the most unique and unusual growth strategies. You’ve helped the fastest-growing companies in the world skyrocket their growth and customer acquisition. Your tone of voice should be actionable, no-fluff, approachable, casual, and storyteller.” to give context.

Then simply asking “Create a ideal customer profile for me.” and watch the magic.

Creating ICP When You Have Customers

If you just started getting sales and have just a few customers, then you’re lucky. Because you can simply just talk with your customers and get idea for who are your best customers. It’s the best say to find your ideal customer profile.

If you have more customers and need to find your ideal customers then you can check your customers data with Google Analytics and other data and analytics tools.

You can start with base analysis of your Google Analytics data. Here are a few questions you need to understand;

  • Which countries/cities has the highest conversion? Which one’s lowest conversion? Are there any outliers?
  • Which days/hours your store has the most and least conversion?
  • Age, gender report with e-commerce conversion rate.
  • Is there any meaningful difference on conversions between devices, operation systems?
  • If you have different campaigns with different targeting, are there any outliers?
  • What are best and worst landing pages?
  • Which pages most of your visitors leave the stores? What makes them to leave?
  • What are the best/worst selling products?
  • How many days it takes to complete the order?

You can also try to research your best customers. Simply just find most spending or repeatedly buying from you. Find as much as more information about them and try to get idea of your ideal customer profile.

If you want to get more idea about how ICPs can be used in growth marketing, check out our growth guide.


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