What is Ideal Customer Profile?

Ideal customer profile (ICP) is a popular term for growth, conversion and marketing teams. In this post I’ll explain what this term stand for and benefits of ideal customer profile.

An ICP is refer to profile of your ideal customers. It describes your best customers based on demographic, psychographics, pain points, behavioral and environmental attributes. Mainly ICP used to understand your target customers better. Instead of generic market segments, ICP helps you to understand your target market better.

Ideal Customer Profile
Ideal Customer Profile

It’s a conceptual customer like buyer persona. The main idea behind the ICP is understanding your potential customers with as much as details. Try to enrich ICP profiles as much as you can.

Benefits of Using ICPs

There are lot’s of different benefits of using ICPs in your growth, marketing and conversion optimization efforts.

  • Increase your chance to success: When you don’t have detailed information about your target customers, it’s more likely to miss great ideas. When you think your customers with the ICPs, you can create more qualified marketing, growth and conversion optimization ideas.
  • Better messaging: Messaging is an important factor both for marketing and conversion optimization process. When you have detailed ICP, then you can customize your marketing and product messages based on ICP and it returns you higher conversion rates.
  • Higher ROI: Each marketing channels has it’s own audience. When you have detailed idea about your ICPs then you can spend your marketing budget for higher conversions.

ICP Example

Let’s say you have a Shopify stores that sells organic, high-end baby clothes. All products environment friendly, unique designed. There is no chemical in these products which makes them perfect for babies health. Then your ideal customer profiles can be something like;


  • Age: 25-45 years old
  • Gender: Primarily women, but also some men
  • Education: College degree or higher
  • Income: $75,000+ per household
  • Location: Urban areas
  • Occupation: Professionals, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents


  • Values: Health, wellness, sustainability, social responsibility
  • Lifestyle: Active, eco-conscious, family-oriented
  • Interests: Organic food, natural products, children’s activities
  • Media consumption: Social media, parenting blogs, magazines
  • Shopping habits: Researches purchases thoroughly, values quality over price

Pain Points

  • Concerns about harmful chemicals in baby clothes
  • Difficulty finding stylish and affordable organic baby clothes
  • Wants to make sustainable choices for their children


  • High-quality, organic baby clothes that are safe and healthy for their children
  • Unique and stylish designs that make their children look and feel good
  • A brand that shares their values and commitment to sustainability

Buying Behaviors

  • Researches products online before making a purchase
  • Reads reviews and testimonials from other parents
  • Shops at specialty stores and online retailers
  • Willing to pay a premium for quality and sustainability

If you want to get more idea about how ICPs can be used in growth marketing, check out our growth guide here.


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