What is Real Growth for Shopify Stores?

What is the real growth for Shopify stores?

Each Shopify store owner looking for growth for their own stores. Hundreds of experts, consultants and mentors sharing screenshots of impressive sales figures like six, seven or eight figures. Most time they end up either some course or some tactics.

Shopify Store Dashboard
Mostly this is what real dashboard looks like…

There are a variety of metrics like traffic, impression, ad clicks, conversion rate, revenue, profit, list goes on. All of this chaos creates confusion on Shopify store owners’ mind. I’m fan of Occam’s razor fan and I like simple explanations over complex ones. In this post you’ll find what is the real growth for a Shopify store looks like.

Let’s imagine you have a Shopify store with awesome products. Started a few campaigns on Google and Meta. Traffic starts to flow and you start to make sales.

You checked your reports and your conversion rate over 3%. Things are great. You’re making good amount of profit. You increase your ads budget, now more sales happening.

Then something happened. When you carefully analyzed your data, you saw that sales not only come from your ads campaign. Your customers sharing your store with their friends and they’re buying from you too. What’a great news!

After a few weeks your traffic and sales still increasing. You didn’t increase your ad budget. You just found that now you’re getting organic traffic from search engines and they’re converting well too. What’a great news. Now you sell without burning your money on the ads.

After a few weeks your traffic doesn’t change much but your sales still increasing. You turn your data again and what to see! Now your first customers coming again and buying from you again, becoming repeated customers.

How does it sound to you?

Each day you ship more packages than yesterday.

This is the growth for Shopify stores. Not increasing your impression, CTR or sending more emails. If someone not telling you this, you can know that that person is lying to you.

Shipping more packages than before is the simple, plain and real growth. That’s it.

What Are the Stages of This Growth

There are a few key areas in a growth process like this one.

  1. Great Offer: When a new visitor land on your store, s/he should say this is a great product with a great price tag and it’s just I’m looking for. You have to understand your customers very well. All of your store, strategy, products and brands should touch your visitors. If you try to sell something people don’t want to buy, it becomes impossible to grow. Your campaigns, creatives, email subjects doesn’t matter.
  2. Great Customer Experience: Referral and retention is multiplier in the growth process. Think about yourself. Would you buy again or recommend a product you don’t like? Of course not. It’s similar for your customers too. If you want to grow your Shopify brand, first start with offering a great customer experience. Fast shipping, great packaging and of course great product quality.
  3. Great Onsite and Offsite Marketing: Let’s think yourself shopping in physical, offline world. There is a store has perfect products and great campaigns. However their sales consultants too aggressive. When you go there, they push you to buy something constantly. Isn’t this become a problem for you and make you less shop in there? It’s very similar for online shopping too. Don’t be too pushy. Focus on creating value and offering a high-end customer experience for your customers.

I know this is a huge topic, because of this I prepared a detailed guide for How to Growth a Shopify Store. Check it out to how to reach this real growth step by step.


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