What are the main reasons shoppers abandon carts?

Have you ever wondered why shoppers add items to their cart, then disappear?

It’s a frustrating mystery that haunts nearly every Shopify owner.

Usual story: You drive traffic to your Shopify store, shoppers fill their carts…and then they’re gone.

It happens all the time. Nearly every online store deals with abandoned carts.

On average, 7 out of 10 shoppers will leave without buying after adding items to their cart. So what’s causing them to click away?

I Was Just Browsing

The Baymard Institute, a leading web usability research firm, recently conducted a comprehensive study on the reasons for cart abandonment.

Their findings offer valuable insights for any Shopify merchant looking to boost sales.

In 2023, Baymard Institute conducted a major study on cart abandonment, researching over 10,000 online shoppers to uncover the key reasons they leave without buying.

A whopping 42.5% of US online shoppers admitted to abandoning a cart in the last 3 months simply because they were “just browsing,” according to this research.

And it’s easy to see why, right?

Imagine yourself scrolling through Instagram.

A cool tshirt design catches your eye. You click, browse the store, maybe even add a few items to your cart.

You like what you see but you dont need it right now. So you close the tab, and that endless feed of reels is waiting.

It’s a tough challenge for any Shopify store.

These shoppers showed interest, they were this close to buying, but the allure of distraction and the lack of immediate need got in the way.

But what if you could convert even a small percentage of these window shoppers?

Imagine turning just 1% of those “just browsing” visitors into paying customers. The impact on your ROAS could be significant, right?

Turning Window Shoppers into Buyers

That’s where Growth Suite comes in, an AI powered solution for window shoppers. Here’s how:

  1. Connect and Analyze: Growth Suite connects to your Google Analytics with a single click. Then, our AI engine gets to work, analyzing your customers’ behavior and building patterns for dedicated buyers, window shoppers, and those who are simply browsing.
  2. Identify Intent: As a new visitor explores your store, Growth Suite compares their actions to those previous patterns, uncovering hidden buying signals.
  3. Time-Limited, Personalized Offers: Based on these insights, Growth Suite determines the visitor’s likelihood to buy and automatically presents a personalized, time-limited offer – just for them.
  4. The Perfect Moment: This offer doesn’t appear the second they land on your site, or as they’re about to leave. It’s strategically timed to appear at the precise moment when their interest peaks.
  5. A Compelling Reason to Buy NOW: This creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity that motivates shoppers to complete their purchase right away.
  6. No More Discount Fatigue: And here’s the best part – the same visitor won’t see another offer for at least 7 days (you can even customize this duration).

This is how Growth Suite’s AI engine transforms those “maybes” into sales, giving you a powerful edge over generic discounting strategies.

➡️ Try Growth Suite free for your first 50 recovered carts: Shopify App Store

You’re not alone in this challenge. You’ve probably already tried these tactics to combat cart abandonment:

  • I already have an Abandoned Cart email automation: The problem? Most window shoppers don’t enter their email address, because they’re just browsing – not yet ready to commit.
  • I’m giving away 10% off with popups: And your customers know it! Generic discounts like that don’t create a sense of urgency or exclusivity, and savvy shoppers have learned they can find those codes anytime.
  • I’m sending discount codes to email subscribers who haven’t purchased after X days: You’re actually training your customers to wait for a discount, not to buy right away!

Growth Suite is different. We empower you to create irresistible offers that trigger buying decisions, transforming window shoppers into loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

See the Growth Suite difference for yourself – risk-free. No code or theme change required. Just install the app (takes 3 minutes to complete setup) and get your first 50 sales recovered for FREE. Experience the power of AI-driven personalization. Start now.


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