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Shopify Dynamic Discount Code Guide

One of the most effective ways to increase sales on Shopify is to use discount codes strategically. However, many Shopify store owners and digital marketers wonder how to create Shopify dynamic discount codes. In this post, I’ll explain how discount codes work on Shopify and guide you through creating dynamic discount codes on Shopify.

How Do Shopify Discount Codes Work?

When you want to create a new discount code in Shopify, you have four options: free shipping codes, Buy X Get Y codes, specific product discounts, or general discounts applicable to the entire store.

Shopify Discount Codes

Limiting discount codes to specific products makes marketing more challenging. You need to communicate that the discount only applies to certain items and avoid any messaging, popups, or promotions that suggest discounts on other products. Therefore, using store-wide discounts is essential, especially for new customer acquisition campaigns.

However, as you can see in the screenshot below, creating these discounts in the Shopify admin panel requires generating them individually. Because of this, many stores resort to using generic discount codes like “WELCOME10” when they don’t know how to utilize dynamic discount codes.

What’s the Problem with Generic Discount Codes?

You can easily create generic discount codes like WELCOME10 or SUMMER20 on your Shopify dashboard. But the biggest problem is that customers know they can use these codes at any time, which gives them no immediate incentive to purchase from your store.

It’s a constant, ongoing discount.

In a 2023 customer survey, one woman said, “No matter the store, I always try the code WELCOME10 when making a purchase. It often gives me an extra discount.

Imagine giving an extra 10% discount to customers who are already convinced and ready to buy! Think about how much profit you’re losing! Not only that, but you’re also creating a brand image that’s constantly offering discounts.

What’s the Ideal Way to Use Dynamic Discount Codes in Shopify Stores?

We designed Growth Suite to solve this problem. Growth Suite helps you to create unlimited Shopify dynamic discount codes. Here’s a brief, step-by-step explanation of what Growth Suite does:

  1. A customer visits your store. Growth Suite doesn’t disrupt their experience in any way. It starts analyzing the customer’s behavior in the background using AI.
  2. When the customer’s interest in products peaks, Growth Suite makes a personalized offer based on their buying intent.
  3. This offer appears in a popup, and a countdown timer starts for the customer.
  4. The countdown timer is visible on all pages of your store in the header section. The customer can see how much time they have left in real time. Instead of displaying discount percentages on all product pages, Growth Suite shows the final price the customer will pay if they complete their purchase immediately. Additionally, the cart drawer and cart page display an animated countdown timer and the customer’s total potential savings if they complete their purchase quickly.
    Shopify Dynamic Discount Code
  5. Growth Suite automatically generates Shopify dynamic discount codes for each customer in the background. These codes are automatically applied to their cart.
  6. After the timer expires, the discount code is deleted, and the same visitor cannot see another offer for at least 7 days. You can easily customize this 7-day period to 15, 30, or 60 days through your dashboard.

Is it Just About the Discount Code?

Absolutely not! Growth Suite analyzes each visitor’s buying intent using AI.

Shopify Dynamic Discount Barometer

Visitors with high buying intent receive smaller discounts for a shorter duration.

Visitors with low buying intent receive higher discounts for a longer duration.

This way, you not only increase the number of sales, but you also increase your average order value.

Why Are Dynamic Discount Codes Important?

Every marketing effort you make gives your customers information about your brand.

If you use generic discount codes, your customers will know that there will always be a discount available. Once this perception of your brand is established, it’s very difficult to change.

This is why it’s crucial to use Shopify dynamic discount codes.

Growth Suite allows you to offer discounts while protecting your brand image. All elements appear as native elements of your store.

Discount codes are deleted when the offer expires. Furthermore, since the same visitor cannot receive another offer within the specified time period, you are truly offering Shopify dynamic discount codes.

With this approach, percentages don’t float in the air. You directly show the customer the final price they will pay for the products with your offer, eliminating the need for them to calculate anything.

This way, you can increase your sales while protecting your brand image.

Click here to access Growth Suite directly on the Shopify App Store.

You can install Growth Suite in just a few minutes and start increasing your sales with no code or theme changes required. Try it for free, without any limit.

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