Optimize Shopify Product Detail Page

Shopify Product Detail Page Optimization

Product detail pages (PDP) are crucial for higher conversions in Shopify. After working with hundreds of Shopify stores I created this guide for optimizing your PDP pages in Shopify.

First of all there are no universal best practices. Each store has their own traffic, strategy and definition of best can be change.

To get most of your page run research with your audience, check your Google Analytics data and run A/B tests. This is the best practice.

This guide will just give you a checklist to fix common problems.

Most of your visitor browse your store on mobile devices. As you can see in this post I focus on mobile product detail pages.

I also highly recommend to check your store’s page with your mobile device before doing anything.

1. Visible and Clear Call-To-Action

Add-to-cart button should be above the hold. Most of the time button will be visible above the hold on desktop browser so you need to check it on mobile devices.

After making it above the hold, try to do it sticky. Sticky buttons on mobile will be helpful for visitors.

Another thing is color and design contrast. All of your primary action buttons should has the contrast color background. It should follow the design hierarchy structure.

2. Product Photo and Visual Elements

High quality photos are super important for PDP. Try to show your products each dimensions with high quality, zoomable photos.

Most of Shopify themes support zoomable photos in PDP. If your doesn’t support, try to activate it or change your theme.

Another thing with the product photos is lifestyle photos. It was a lot harder before but right now there are lot’s of different tools turning your standart photos to lifestyle ones.

Use them and make sure you added at least a few lifestyle photos.

Also if product has variants, it’s important to upload at least a few photos for each product variant.

3. Product Description Texts

Product description texts are where the sales happens. You need to answer all of your visitors questions, explain how this product will solve all their pain points and describe how it makes them better.

Think of this like an offline, physical store experience.

When you visit a high-end premium, offline store, there are always some sales consultants. They explain product very well for you and answer most of your questions without you even start to asking. You need to do same thing for your product detail pages.

4. Reviews, Expert Testimonials and UGC

This is one of the most important part of a product detail page.

Reviews plays a huge role for conversion in PDP.

Do not try to manipulate reviews, shows both positive and negative reviews.

If you manage to get experts opinion about your products, use them as a special content.

Ask your customers to leave reviews with photos or videos, it also makes you more trustable.

5. Similar Products

Show most relevant other products in PDP, mostly at the bottom.

Most of time people want to browse their options before making their mind.

Put most similar products in PDP and let people to browse similar your products.

6. Shipping and Return Policy

There are two crucial information to have on PDPs.

First one is shipping. When product will be shipped and when the customer will get it.

Second one is return and refund policy. If you do have a return and refund policy, show it clearly.

Use simpler words and make sure people easily understand these.

7. Out of Stock Product Pages

Sometimes you can run out of stock. When it happens, it’s important to optimize your page for those products or product variants.

Best practice for this situation is collecting emails from visitors and sending them emails when product arrived.

Also for out of stock product pages show similar and recommended products with more details.

Let people to browse other options you have.

8. Fast Page Loading

If you use Google PerformanceMax or Facebook campaigns, most of your traffic will land on PDPs. It means they first see your PDP.

There are lot’s of researches showing how page speed is impactful for conversions.

When it took so much time, people can close the window even before it’s loaded.

Get rid of unused apps, minimize resources on your product pages and make sure it has a high speed score.

It’ll be also important for SEO and your campaigns performance too.

9. Trust Badges and Icons

This is highly relevant with your branding strategy. Let’s say you’re selling environment friendly products and you got badges from third party institutions. They verified your products are eco-friendly.

Show your brand this side to visitors with well-designed badges.

10. Live Chat Support

Visitors see live chat as a signal of trust. It shows that you’re reachable.

After getting all information, visitors can still have questions about products, your brands or some other details like shipping, return, product quality, etc.

Live chat will be perfect for them to get in touch with you.


  • Each store has different needs for product detail page optimization.
  • Before doing anything just visit your store with mobile devices and check out product detail page.
  • Main CTA item should appear above the hold. Also making it sticky will be better. Main CTA also should follow design principles and should have contrast colors.
  • Product description texts are the most important text on your store. It should do the selling while giving all the technical details about the product.
  • Use high-quality product images and make sure they’re zoomable. Also if your products has variants, put at least a few images for each variants.
  • Reviews, testimonials and user generated contents plays important role. Don’t try to manipulate reviews. Shows positive and negative ones and encourage your customers to share photos/videos of unboxing, using your products.
  • Create a section for similar and best seller products.
  • Collect leads on out of stock product pages and show similar products in there.
  • Make sure your product detail page loads quickly and has a good page speed score.
  • Offer live chat and try to answer your visitors questions as soon as possible.


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