New Growth Suite Feature: Source/Medium Targeting for Trigger Discounts

Growth Suite Product Update - Source Medium Targeting

We’re excited to announce a powerful new targeting option for Growth Suite: Source/Medium Targeting for your Trigger Discount campaigns.

What You Can Do:

Now you can specify exactly which traffic sources and mediums you want to target (or exclude) when setting up your discount triggers.


Let’s say you want to offer a special discount to shoppers who clicked on a specific Facebook ad campaign. With Source/Medium Targeting, you can set up a trigger that only activates for visitors coming from “Source: Facebook” and “Medium: [Your Campaign Name].”

How to Access the Feature:

Go to the “Trigger Discounts” section in your Growth Suite dashboard.

Click the “Update Targeting” button at the top right.

You’ll see the new “Source / Medium Targeting” table. Add your desired sources and mediums, then save your settings.

Growth Suite Source/Medium Targeting Feature

This update gives you unprecedented control over your discount campaigns, ensuring you reach the right customers at the right time!

We’re constantly working to make Growth Suite the most powerful and user-friendly tool for Shopify store owners. Follow us to stay updated on the latest features and enhancements!


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