How to Install Growth Suite on Shopify

Growth Suite helps you to recover abandoned carts with AI driven smart discounts.

“How can I install the Growth Suite” is one of the most common question people have.

This is why I recorded a quick video to show whole installation process of Growth Suite.

Installing Growth Suite is super simple. Just click on “Install” button on Shopify App Store page.

  1. Complete your profile. We’ll use these contact info to share important updates on your stores.
  2. Connect your Google Analytics account with one-click. If you don’t use Google Analytics, you can skip it.
  3. Choose your Growth Strategy. Growth Suite has three different mode: Brand Focused, Conversion Focused, Brand – Conversion Balanced. You can always change this settings later.
  4. Activate your free trial package. We offer 14 days unlimited free trial for monthly packages, 21 days unlimited free trial for annual packages.
  5. Activate your theme extension with one click.

That’s all. As you’ll see in the video you can edit everything on your dashboard. That’s it. It took less than 4 minutes to install and you’ll see results within 3 days.


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